PowerFlex 750-Series Configuration and Startup

Course Purpose

Upon completion of this course, given a wired PowerFlex 750-Series drive (PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755) and AC motor, you will be able to start up the drive and configure drive parameters to meet application needs.

Throughout the course, you will have the chance to use a variety of hardware and software tools, including:

  • The A6 LCD HIM
  • DriveExecutive software
  • DriveExplorer software

After each demonstration, you will be given exercises that offer extensive hands-on practice using a PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755 drive.

This two-day course can be taken as a stand-alone course, or it can be taken in conjunction with other courses in the PowerFlex 7-Class curriculum to further broaden skills development.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for individuals who need toconfigure and start up PowerFlex 750-Series drives.


To successfully complete this course, the followingprerequisites are required:

  • Working knowledge of electricity, and knowledge ofelectrical and industrial safety (including PPErequirements and safe practices).
  • Ability to perform basic Microsoft® Windows® tasks
  • Completion of the AC/DC Motors and DrivesFundamentals course (Course No. CCA101) orFundamentals of AC and DC Motors and Drives Webbasedtraining (ePass/WBT1PACK) or equivalentexperience


Day 1
  • Verifying PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Installation
  • Locating and Modifying PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Data Using the A6 HIM
  • Configuring EtherNet/IP Communications Adapter for a PowerFlex 750-Series Drive
  • Locating and Modifying PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Data Using Drive Software
  • Day 2
  • Starting Up a PowerFlex 750-Series Drive
  • Interpreting PowerFlex 750-Series Control Block Diagrams
  • Controlling PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Operation
  • Creating a DeviceLogix Program in a PowerFlex 750-Series Drive

Additional Information:

This class begins on 6/27/2023 at 8:30 AM and runs for 2 days. Lunch will be provided.

Cost: $2,115.00

Kendall Electric
25 American Drive
Jackson, TN 38301

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This is a request to attend this class, but it will not be confirmed until we have received payment information.